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by November 13, 2019
Throughout history, Kabbalah was studied by only the most holy Talmud scholars. The misinformation, innuendo and prohibition surrounding Kabbalah kept its wisdom from most Jews; many were even unaware of its existence. In KABBALAH ME, co-director Steven Bram embarks on a spiritual investigation that leads him to reunite with the Hasidic branch of his family and connect to the community of Judaic scholarship. Eventually his curiosity takes him on a pilgrimage to Israel, where he immerses himself in history and traditions of the Holy Land. Along the way, leading authorities discuss the complex, mystical world of Kabbalah – its varying interpretations and the myriad paths of its rituals and lessons. Bram’s new commitment to spirituality and religious observance draws skepticism from family and friends but ultimately leads to profound changes across all aspects of his life
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Rabbi Shmuel Klatzkin
by November 13, 2019
“The job of a Rebbe is to bring souls to Torah, not to win arguments.” This was the response Dr. Shmuel Klatzkin received from the Rebbe as to why he did not address the philosophical challenges that were posed to him. This message touched him deeply and has shaped his understanding of Jewish unity. In this moving lecture, Dr. Klatzkin reflects on his journey through the various sects of Judaism and his struggle between his Reform upbringing and the religious lifestyle he gradually became attracted to. He describes his personal correspondence with the Rebbe and how the Rebbe’s global vision allowed him to see the G-dly essence of person.The Rebbe demonstrated the ability to see past any external divisions and identify how each person plays a part in a cosmic plan.